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My name is Eszter Hegyesi, I am a Hungarian geologist and photographer. Minerals are my passion and profession.

                             (ex. 4LM Mineral Photography)

In 2016 (while studying in high school) I opened my first mineral and jewellery business (named Az Ásványos). In 2023 I completed my MSc Geology degree on Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry speciality.

Why did I start mineral photography?

I have been collecting minerals for 18 years now. I was always fascinated by the rich shapes and colours of minerals. I developed an interest in nature photography because I love to collect minerals in the field and by doing, I travelled the world and the beauty of nature captured me… I studied landscape photography and a few years later I went into mineral photography, using that technical know how. This is a form of art for me, a way to express myself amongst the daily science and business tasks.

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